Andningsworkshop onsdag 12 oktober, 9 november, 7 december och 11 januari kl.19.00 - 21.00

Discover your breath awareness. 
Your breath is moving all the time. With every emotion, every possible thought and every different action it comes along. Sometimes it feels like hard working. When the respiratory system gets stiff or stressed the mind becomes wild and agitated. What else is possible with your breath? What if you become aware of this beautiful tool you always have with you? During this workshop you start working with different exercises. Breathe natural. What if you become friends with your own breath again?

Ledare : Erik van Tilburg, certified Breath coach and Access bars facilitator
Språk: engelska och lite svenska 
Plats: södra flygeln på Wij Trädgårdar
Anmälan och mer information: [email protected] +31654280164